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Lonely River Village — A Novel of Secret Stories In pre-Communist China women in the small villages of Hunan Province developed their own secret writing system. They used this script to communicate with each other because they were not allowed to go to school and learn Mandarin. Their script is called Nu Shu, which means women’s writing. It was usually sewn into household linens as decoration, in order to disguise its true purpose. This is the story of the women of one of those little villages, adapted from actual Nu Shu writing preserved from this era. “In Lonely River Village  Norma Libman gives voice to the once silenced generations of Chinese women who were not allowed to write or speak freely. She honors those women and the reader by allowing the women’s words to speak for themselves through a heartfelt and at times heartbreaking narrative of the probable lives of the women who created Nu Shu, a secret women’s language. What was once forbidden has now been given the respect and honor it deserves. Thanks to Ms. Libman, the legacy of the women who wrote the Nu Shu, quite literally through blood and tears, will not be forgotten.” Jacqueline L. Tobin, co-author Hidden in Plain View, co-author The Tao of Women, author From Midnight to Dawn  “Norma Libman has woven a story as beautiful as the Hunan Province Nu Shu decorative writings she brings to light. And to think that knowledge of the secret women’s writing, Nu Shu, was almost lost forever – a most gratifying read about a most fascinating way of life.” Gabe Galambos, author The Nation by the River, Stealing Pikes Peak Lonely River Village — A Novel of Secret Stories 174 Pages — ISBN 978-0-9914775-0-0 $14.00 Available in paperback now on And in Kindle on Kindle
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